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Dear Photo Editor


Allow us to introduce to you our web site which gives you the possibility to review tens of thousands of photographs depicting every aspect of life in Israel and around the world.


For over forty years IPPA was the leading Press-Photo Agency in Israel, working with 

popular magazines, newspapers and publications in Israel and all over the world.

Any photographs about Israel, VIP portraits, daily life, politics, news etc, await you at


Your selected material will be digitally emailed immediately as a high-resolution Jpeg file (approx 6MB). Larger files will be sent as special order. 


Our ippa-photos web site archive database is built on FotoWare's proven & robust software which is used by the world wide press and publications.


Please try our website You will be surprised how easy you will find exactly what you are looking for.


Sincerely yours,


Dan Hadani




Dan Hadani * POBox 23118 * Tel Aviv 6230 Israel Phone 972-3-571-4440 * Fax 972-3-571-4550 * e-mail:

*This is not my address today

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