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 After the "Dead Marsh", we have reached the Concentration camp in Wattenstadt from which we were transferred to Oranienburg and then to Ravensbruick. We have thought that they did it because of the progress of the Allien Forcess, occupaing part of the NaziGermany. We were only a short time in each Camp, between a week or two. Each camp was similar to the other, including the cruelty of the SS men.

I do remember a case, while traveling by train - this time in a freight car without a roof and inside there were only about 60 - 70 Jewish prisoners from the Lodz ghetto. Usually, the trips involved with frequent stops. It was possible that the train lines were occupied by the German army or were bombed by the alien air planes. 

I remember a case  that when moving from one camp to another, we traveled by a freight car train car which was without a roof. I sat, together with 60-70 other people. Suddenly, we saw two Dakota planes, leaving a white trail in the sky. Marking a white circle around a large area from horizon to horizon. A few minutes later, we started to hear loud engine noises, which got stronger by the minute. Suddenly we saw hundreds of bombers entering inside the marked circle and started dropping heavy bombs. 


I think it was here in the Oranienburg concentration camp. One day while we were giving our lunch litle soup, we suddenly saw American planes in the air and bombarding our camp with small phosphorus bombs, I though about 5 kg. Wherever they fell, the bombs area - burned. Some people didn't notice the bombings. The hunger was stronger. The distribution of the soup was stopped. the soup porters run away, founding a shelter. But those who were standing in line to receive the soup, attacked the soup barrel. There were also those who scraped the remains of the soup from the inside of the barrel that was left in the empty barrel.

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