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      The First Night  in Auschwitz Concentration Camp

At the end of the reception, we were led to a long barrack. Inside in the center, was a long heater. These heaters were never heated, despite the cold, winter weather. Now, each of us received only one thin blanket.

About 1,200 people crowded in our barrack. The capos gave us orders. First, they gave us an order to stay in three lines, on both sides of the long heater. Now, they gave orders to the rows to get along in pairs. One will spread a blanket on the asphalt of the floor. After we lie, both of us will cover ourselves with the blanket which to the other gay. It was crowded, but also warm. The clothes we received, were from previous groups that wore summer clothes.

The weather was already autumnal. The cold weather began to give its signals We lie inside each other, like sardines in a box. Above the line of people that lie, with me, there were two more lines, on both sides of the long heater. As I said, about 1200 people.


We were in this barrack for a few days. Every morning and evening, we were given a slice of bread and muddy water, coffee. At noon we got a thin soup. We slept like in a box of sardines. I was very tired, from the long day of events. What I went through, that first day passed through mine mind, with repeated thoughts of horrors. Thinking where is my mother? And what about my sister? You are left with your thoughts, physically and mentally broken.

The conclusion, must be realistic - it has happen!!!, You Must Believe…..Now comes another thought. If that's what happened today, what else awaits me tomorow??! Today I will add. The main thing you must do, is to accept this conclusion and reach the only feeling - to believe it. I did not mean to believe in God – I haven’t seen him there. This. I will leave to everyone and his individual, own faith.

I mean, you must believe that you are in a different reality. Not in the reality you have lived, learned and believed that you are. In which the world of enlightened human beings believe. This is another reality. You may accept it, the concept of destiny. Those who perceive reality faster, may find chance or opportunities within the reality that he faces. It will be easier for him. Those who continues to look for or find humanity, honesty, logic - is lost. The Germans invented all sorts of satanic methods, as they call: The Jewish Problem. Simply, To Exterminate the Jews.

The basic premise is that you are hungry. Hungry all the time.  But the main point was the massive murder of millions of people in the industrialist system, prepared by the Nazi regime. The concentration camps were prepared for the solution of the Jewish Problem. The Germans. with the Nazi Regime said officially and loudly, what they intend to do. This was published by the Wannsee Conference on the 20tth January 1942. Where was the humanistic world?

You may think, how can I get through the night? Or, what awaits me tomorrow? You are left with not answered questions and with the great fear of the unknown. In the end, the great fatigue of the busy day and physical stress and in addition, mental stress that we went through, takes over the thoughts.

I fell into a deep sleep accompanied by frightening dreams. I was lying down on the floor curled up on either side of the row of similar victims to me, who lie next to my left and to my right. Occasionally I got and give sometime an involuntary kick to the one lying next to me.

You cannot move around freely, only with the whole line, about 200 people, will do it. Sleeping on the first night in Auschwitz-Birkenau passes hardly because, for the most time the thoughts make you be partly awake. Their clothes were inspected, washed and sorted and waited until they reached the hands of the new victim. At the end, we got them. When we were all already dressed, we were arranged in quintets.


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