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Arrving to the Auschwitz Burkenau Concentration Camp

According to the plan, the train had to reach Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. This extermination place was well prepared, but sometimes the quota was too big for the four bunkers and crematoriums “only” which were  build there and worked 24/7 non stop. Why not help them?

The train, instead of getting to Auschwitz in 8-10 hours, today, I will simply say:            

                 The train I rode with my mother and sister to Aushwitz-Birkenau’ traveled for 6 days and nights.

I would like to point out a fact. For all the days the train traveled and occasionally also stopped, the sliding door was never open. We were not given any cooked food, neither other food or any drink whatsoever. The result was exactly what the Nazis intended - Nearly a third of the passengers I have seen dead when we arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau. As I exited from my corner of the caravan, on my way to the open sliding door, I saw in the center of the caravan, a bucket, with the needs that had accumulated during the long traveling days. Around the bucket, a  pile of corpses were laying “quietly”.

I will add another fact. The locomotive crew and all the staff for the whole railway, were Poles. They knew very well what was in these carriages, leading. I was deported from the Lodz ghetto on August 22, 1944. Exactly two days, before my 20th birthday.

I arrived in Auschwitz, having in my left lung, still my pneumonia sickness with 5 cm. of fluid…..

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