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My parents  met  Russians during the occupation of territories in the First World War. I always heard the nicknames given to Russian soldiers. They were called "Vania" because it was a common name among Russians. They also teased them about their rural behavior. It was known that pre-World War II Communist Russia was a backward country. Russia's development has only just begun.


In contrast, the German people were known as an enlightened, cultured and developed people. If there is a war, it is desirable to live under the rule of an enlightened people. He certainly cannot be cruel. This was an accepted conception. No other logic was accepted.


This is also what most Jews thought. Despite the publication of Adolf Hitler’s book "Mein Kamp", which was published almost 10 years, before winning the position of Chancellor in Germany. He wrote explicitly that he wanted a Germany free of Jews. The persecutions published in the 1930s in Nazi Germany by German propaganda minister Josef Goebbels likened the Jews to rats. The Jews multiply like rats. The Jews also gnaw every good part of the pure German race.


This, did not cause any protest in the countries of the enlightened world. Some, even collaborated with the Nazis. A country like Poland, cooperated with Nazi Germany. The number of concentration camps set up on Polish soil, tells the hidden story. The behavior of the Polish authorities after the war, towards the Jewish Holocaust survivors, says the story in whole.

In 1933 Hitler and his party were elected in a democratic election to the German parliament. In doing so, he won the coveted position of Chancellor of Germany. Hitler's National Socialist Party was given the authority to immediately declare a general amnesty in the country. All German prisoners were released from all prisons. But the Nazi party immediately recruited the criminals known for their special cruelty. They were appointed to be the instructors of cruelty, in the special "schools" of the Nazi party. The graduates were allowed to serve in senior positions, in the SS units or in the Gestapo.


 We learned quickly about the cruelty of Nazi German rule. Immediately, we realized that difficult days awaited us. We did not know how difficult it would be. A human imagination could not have expected the deeds that the Germans had prepared in advance. Really life threatening. Even before the war, we read in the press about actions that Nazi Germany was carrying out against its Jewish citizens within the country. We did not believe, that German People will do, spite of burning books and burning the Jewish Synagogue in Berlin in the early 1933.


But now, under occupation, we felt the atrocities the Germans were willing to commit. Years before the invasion itself. The Germans gave clear instructions to countries that cooperated with the Nazi regime. Minimum freedom restrictions. Schools closed. There is a strict ban on gathering people. Among other things, it is strictly forbidden to open synagogues, or to pray in groups. The news of the cruelty of the Germans became known throughout the "enlightened" world, even before World War II. Everyone knew, everyone did not take a finger, to prevent the commission of crimes against humanity.


The German method was sophisticated. From time to time, they committed a cruel act in which several people were killed. Since during the war, the rulers of the world were busy waging war and fighting in which a large number of soldiers and civilians were killed, there is no time to deal with how many Jews were killed by the German, Jewish problem. Nazi Germany, took advantage of the weakness of the other world. The Nazis realized very quickly that the "enlightened" world had no Jewish problem at all. In fact, no one cares if, after the war, there are fewer Jews in the world. In Nazi Germany this was understood in a very practical way. They set up a conference called Wannsee (the name of the place where the confession was held in Berlin), which was attended by dozens of heads of the Nazi regime. At the conference, the final solution of the Jewish question was agreed upon. In simple language, it speaks of methods of exterminating both Jewish and Gypsy people, in an industrialized method.


The resolution of the Wannsee Conference, and the lack of a dreamy response of the countries of the world, gave the Nazi regime a seal of approval to carry it out according to its needs, its will. The Nazis used various methods of exterminating the Jews. They avoided the use of machine guns because the weapons and ammunition were destined for war fronts. Now, they invented a diesel vehicle. that in 15-20 minutes of drive, can kill 4-5 people - at a minimal expense.


The Nazis invented and use a small tin box containing a killer gas, type Cyclone B. They fill a bunker with 20-30 people and throw a tin box, containing the killing gas, from above. After a quarter of an hour, a group of prisoners evacuated the bodies of the murdered to the crematoria which was nearby. Meanwhile, the bunker was refilled, with another group of victims. And so, God forbid. There were days when such an extermination plant “worked” 24 hours a day, non-stop. A symbol of industrialized Germany of death.


The decision on the form of implementation of the final solution - the plan for the extermination of the Jewish people in the occupied territories of Nazi Germany, was made at a conference held on January 20, 1942 at the "Villa Wannzee Conference" in Berlin. For the conference, chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, senior officials of the Nazi regime were convened in order to draw a line between the various institutions. It was important to them, the definition of powers and the division of roles in the implementation of the final solution, of the Jewish question.

 Violent acts such as the forced sterilization of intermarriages (as defined in the Nuremberg Laws), the use of Jews in forced labor and the massacre of Jews directly and indirectly (through "natural depletion" because of forced labor) were directly declared at the conference. The content of the conference was intended to be kept secret, which can also be learned from the code language used by Adolf Eichmann when concluding the minutes of the conference - a code language that replaced "sensitive" (violent, incriminating) concepts with neutral concepts. However, the protocol is a rare written testimony to the genocide policy of the Nazi German government.


The testimony of Adolf Eichmann during his trial in Israel, reveals that at the conference there were discussions (omitted from the minutes) that were even more honest and blunt than what appears in the minutes. Although in practice, the Nazis murdered Jews even before the Wannzee Conference and the decisions regarding violent actions were made by Adolf Hitler, the conference is considered a turning point. 

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